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Health guarantee / Terms of Agreement

We at Woof Woof , offer our services selling you this puppy, or as we consider them, “Babies” for you and your family! We offer this agreement for your protection, and to make sure that you are fully aware of the responsibility that you are about to take on. These puppies are our family, and we will only allow them to leave our family and enter yours if we know that your are going to do your very best in taking care of this puppy( proper nutrition, grooming, vaccines, deworming, bordetella, rabies, and last but not least “love”).

Before you bring your new “baby” home, it is necessary for you to read and fully understand the following agreement between you the “Purchaser” and Woof Woof Puppies & Boutique. If you are unsure and have questions regarding anything involved in this process please ask us via phonemail, chat, email, text or anyway that is convenient for you .  

The pet you are purchasing is NON-RETURNABLE & CANNOT BE EXCHANGED, We also do not offer a refund of any kind except for the provisions stated in this agreement. If you are putting a deposit, the deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE AND NOT TRANSFERABLE to another puppy ,as well as any other money that is paid after the initial deposit. Once your deposit is placed we must remove him/her from the sales list.Thus denying us the opportunity to sell her to another customer, so please be advised that deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Your money paid is NOT TRANSFERABLE to another puppy in the future. So as stated above BE SURE ABOUT THIS DECISION! If you decide you do not want the puppy , you will not be able to receive a refund of any kind nor will you have a credit for another puppy so again please be sure about this decision.

First and foremost, The Woof Woof philosophy is to provide quality companion pets. Every effort has been made by Woof Woof to assure our puppies are healthy when going to their new family. Our puppies DO NOT come with any AKC or CKC paperwork.

We do not warranty nor do we recommend breeding or showing of our companion pets. If this is your intention, please do not purchase this animal. All of our puppies are unregistered. We recommend and encourage all companion pets to be spayed or neutered as soon as possible. We do not guarantee weight, color, breed and temperament on our puppies or testicles on male.

We give an estimation of the puppies weight referring to a puppy chart and bone structure, puppy’s adult weight is just an estimation and there is no guarantee of what adult size of puppy will be. There are many factors that are determined for the price of the puppy including vaccines , vet checks , training , feeding , etc …To validate this warranty, the Purchaser agrees to call an “authorized veterinarian” within the first twenty-four (24) hours, to secure an appointment for an initial examination. This examination must occur within five (5) calendar days from the purchase date and health exam emailed to woofwoofpuppies@gmail.com. If this is not completed, this guarantee is null and void. There is no charge for the examination if the “purchaser” takes them back to Ross Animal Hospital in Bloomfield Hills.

Any additional services including vaccinations, worming’s, treatment of external parasites, dewclaw removal, teeth, etc. will be the purchaser’s expense. If during this exam, the veterinarian finds the puppy to be unfit for purchase (does not include minor treatable illness) the puppy must be returned to Woof Woof within that five (5) day period. The buyer is responsible for all medical expenses incurred from the date of delivery/pickup. Woof Woof  assumes no responsibility for this animal after leaving the premises for any medical expense, death, allergies, training difficulties, behavior problems or any other reason. Remember stress brings on illness!

This puppy is like a little baby, just building his or her immune systems! Pamper and monitor your puppy each and every day! Watch for any signs of illness such as: not eating, listlessness, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting or nasal discharge. It is very important that all of our puppies are kept on the same food which is Royal Canin Extra Small Bites, when taken by the “purchaser” , and also that the puppy is given Nutri-Cal for the puppies first 14 days in their new home. If within the first 12 months of the puppy’s life, the puppy is found to have a non-treatable life-threatening congenital defect, a complete report from the buyer’s veterinarian must be faxed to the seller within 48 hours after the determination. A replacement puppy may not be available immediately.

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The buyer will wait until a puppy from a future litter is available. The buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses to and from the seller on a replacement puppy. At no time will
your credit exceed the purchase price of your puppy. If the puppy shows signs of neglect or abuse, this contract is considered null and void. We do not cover Demodex, thyroid disorder, colds, coccidia, open fontanel, undescended testicles, uneven bites, hernias, cherry eyes, entropian ,hypoglycemia ,loose hips, fleas, worms or any other minor illnesses or any non life threatening congenital defect. Luxating patella( which is very common in smaller breeds ) is also not guaranteed once leaving our care and going to their new owners as this can happen due to a injury , a puppy running or jumping , overplaying , etc..

If for any reason the buyer refuses the replacement puppy or refuses to return the puppy that is to be replaced or euthanizes the puppy without the sellers permission under any circumstances then this agreement shall be considered completed and fulfilled and no other replacement puppy will be offered. Buyer understands that any monies paid to the seller will be forfeited, as there are no cash refunds.  Buyer agrees that he/she is buying this puppy for himself or herself and is not acting as an agent, broker or middleman for someone else. This contract is not transferable. No additional warranties are available whether expressed or implied.

By accepting delivery of this puppy, and signing below, he/she understands and agrees to this contract, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan, in the county of Oakland It is agreed that the place of venue shall be in Southfield, Michigan. Please prevent your pet from “free roaming” outdoors. By keeping your pet confined within a fenced yard or household, you greatly reduce the possibility of introducing your puppy to deadly diseases. 

We recommend you DO Not take your puppy to pet stores or parks until they have all of their puppy shots, heartworm  & rabies (16 weeks old) and they built more of an immunity similar to a newborn.

Purchaser agrees to take no action which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm the company or its or their reputation or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavorable publicity to the  This does include but is not limited to derogatory remarks posted online,Instagram , Yelp ,  Facebook, blogs forums,  twitter, etc. If by for some unforeseen reason  the puppy dies, proper vet autopsy must be shown with reason for death and emailed to woofwoofpuppies@gmail.com .  Also Woof Woof must take the autopsy papers to their vet of choice, before any type of exchange is given to customer.We promise to do our best prior to the puppy leaving us to help prevent this warranty to ever be used , and our expecting the same from you . If you’re unable to take care of a puppy please refrain from purchasing a puppy from us or anyone for that matter as these little ones are counting on us to take care of them , as they’re unable to do so on their own. 

The Woof Woof Family